Credit Repair

Take the first step to improving your credit!

General Merchant Funding has partnered with Ovation a Lending Tree a company to offer customization, flexibility and the power of options that suit your exact needs.

Our partners work with credit bureaus and creditors to resolve issues with your credit reports. We strive to ensure your credit report is the best it can be.

How does this work?

A Professional Credit Analyst will complimentarily review your financial background and credit reports with you to see if one of our programs would work for you.


  • Once signed up, you’ll work one-on-one with your Personal Case Advisor, activating the Dispute Manager and marking your credit report discrepancies.

Dispute Process

  • With our credit expertise and innovative electronic disputing system, we work on your behalf disputing your inaccurate credit report items.


  • We keep you updated with your responses & results 24/7 through your personal Case Management Website online and email you as well.

We package our credit repair services to address your specific concerns without charging you for unnecessary extras. When you select one of our services (Essentials or Essentials Plus) you know that you are getting the core services that suit your situation, then you can add other custom options to further sculpt our services. This way you are only paying for the services you want and value—that’s true customization.

“The products advertised on this page may not be available to customers in all states. “

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